Next Up Presents: 0161/0207 Live

After the major success that was VOL1 we couldn’t exactly wait long to get onto number 2. For January 31st’s event we bring you 0161 legend Black Josh and Hackney born and resident Daniel OG. Special guests will also be announced, keep an eye out.

Tickets will be going live this week from £4, watch the page closely. First tier sold out within 2 days for our last event so be snappy.


Black Josh
An icon in our hometown, it seems as if Josh has been around for a decade but he’s nowhere near finished. First proper attention for Josh came from his album #blahblahblackjosh almost 5 years ago but since then he’s released countless EP’s and a couple more albums in amongst that. The most versatile rapper in the north let alone the 016, his discography consists not just of solo work but with collabs with numerous manny artists and multiple tracks with Blah Records favourites Milkavelli and Lee Scott. Not to mention a remix of the classic ‘Poison’ with previous guests Stella Beats’ PK Brako. He has released multiple singes this year as usual not only proving his versatility but also his insane work rate and range of styles. Whether it’s his own stuff, Levels, Mouse Outfit or Cult of the Damned work, Josh will shell no matter what. 31/01/19

Daniel OG
It’s more than an honour to have got the 21st century Big Poppa down to one of our shows. This guy really is Next Up and if you haven’t heard of him already you’re sleeping. Dan came up on our radar with his 2015 EP Art Attack. In 2016 he then released a bunch of tracks such as ‘I Wanna,’ ‘Solange,’ and gave arguably the best performance on a Colours show ever, go and fucking check that. After plotting behind the scenes for a little while a recent burst of tracks have come out in 2018 such as ‘When I’ and ‘La La Land.’ His recent music video for ‘Roll the Dice’ also shows the inner Hitchcock in him. OG has already shut down shows for Places + Faces, supported Casisdead and our previous headliner Sam Wise. On another Bristol debut VOL2 is your best opportunity to see him take the stage for himself before he explodes. Cause he will.

As usual stay posted for competition details + special guest announcements. NEXT UP