Roll roll up! we’re back in town once again to bring you another night of Circus performances, Live bands and DJs all mixed into one!

So be expecting knees up ska, Ragga Jungle, Contortion, Hoop, Bassline, Hardtek, walkabout acts, Juggling, Balkan-tek and any other noises stuck in between! 🙂

Now for some sad news… as some of you may of heard, Blue Mountain will be closing its doors in February… but, on the bright side we are glad that we have the chance to hold one more Contraband Circus here, and along with the help of the other events coming up at the start of the new year to give this venue the send off it deserves!

We are also currently also looking into other suitable venues for our next event in September, so we’ll keep you posted! 🙂

Now for the Line up!

*Live Balkan Ska band*

Get ready to skank, pogo, mosh, jig, polka and maybe even waltz – like a hyperactive kid on Kia-Ora, the Counting Coins sound refuses to stay still, switching from Ska Punk to Gypsy to Hip Hop and back again several times in the same song.

🎪►SMILEY MAXX (Offmenut records)

*Balkan-tek / Hardcore
FigCake, a fucked up mix of grottyness, beats and bass, and balkan enfusion

*Ragga Jungle*
Phat tunes, rude bass & feet stomping beats! What more d’ya need??

🎪►MIKI TAIKI (NSA / Lemtek)

🎪►OBLIN (Ringe Raja Records)

🎪►DIRTY CHRONIC (Gorecore)
*Breakcore / Balkan-tek*

—-Abandoned Circus grounds—-

🎪►TAI-TEK (Phaked)
*Hardtek / Hardcore*

*Jungle / DnB*

🎪►EASY J (Bass militia)

Gajengi & Powello Bros
*Live Hip Hop / Fidget / Bassline / Balkan*

Full line up to be announced soon!

Tickets released very soon 🙂
–Ticket tiers —
Early Clown £6 (Very limited amount!)
Advance Tickets £8